Doubtful Sound

A flight to Doubtful Sound 'The Sound of Silence" will take you into the very heart of Fiordland, providing fantastic views of the rugged mountains, rainforest and hidden inlets before making a high alpine landing at remote Mt Kidd. 

Southern Lakes Helicopters will take you on a scenic helicopter trip of a lifetime to enjoy the spectacular beauty of Doubtful Sound, Fiordland, New Zealand. Views of the Iris Burn Valley and the Lake of Many Islands, known as Lake Manapouri is revealed. You have a bird’s eye view of the infamous West Arm Power Station on Lake Manapouri before climbing over the Wilmot Pass into Doubtful Sound. If the weather is suitable the helicopter will detour into Campbell’s Kingdom, a beautiful hanging valley complete with its own lake and waterfall.

From here you will glimpse Bradshaw Sound before traversing the Main Divide of the Southern Alps to Mt Kidd for a second remote landing before finally returning to the Te Anau lakefront helipad.

Mt Kidd
Campbell's Kingdom

Trip Duration: 

70mins. Price is per person

Key Points: 

Doubtful Sound, Campbell's Kingdom, 2 landings, Lake Manapouri


NZ $685.00