Doubtful & Milford Sound


This is a must for people with little time available during their trip to Fiordland but want to see the the two most popular destinations. During this 2 hour trip you will not only see the beauty of Doubtful Sound and the spectacular Milford Sound but all the amazing scenery in between.

The first landing is at Campbell's Kingdom which is a unique hanging valley. From there the flight will take you over several more fiords before arriving over Milford Sound and then to the second landing location at Lake Quill, head of the beautiful Sutherland Falls, one of the highest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Campbell's Kingdom
Sutherland Falls

Trip Duration: 

2hrs 15mins. Price per person

Key Points: 

Doubtful Sound, Milford Sound, Sutherland Falls.


NZ $1 360.00