Fiordland offers world renowned opportunities for hunting and is particularly famed for the hunting of red deer and wapiti. Hunting within this stunning and remote landscape is widely regarded by keen hunters as the ultimate challenge and an exceptional experience. Southern Lakes Helicopters have a long history of providing services to hunters in Fiordland and are happy to share their extensive knowledge with you. Our pilots are all highly experienced and possess a wealth of knowledge about hunting in Fiordland and Southland. Richard Hayes (CEO and Chief Pilot), with  32,000+ hours flying under his belt, is the most experienced commercial pilot in the area, and given that the majority of his time has been spent in Fiordland, he knows the region like the back of his hand!

Access all areas

With DOC concessions, that allow us air access to the Fiordland and Rakiura National Parks, we can provide transport to hunting sites throughout Fiordland, Southland, Stewart Island and the South West Coast. Our staff are able to offer a wealth of advice and can assist you in identifying hunting locations which are available and meet your specific requirements. We offer our clients competitive pricing, the option of 6 seater squirrel helicopters and are happy to provide written estimates to assist with the planning of your hunting trip.

At Southern Lakes Helicopters, safety is our highest priority. We pride ourselves on providing safe and efficient access to your hunting location wherever it may be. For advice or further information about accessing your hunting spot, please contact our office staff today.