Fire fighting and emergency

Fire Fighting

Southern Lakes Helicopters are fully equipped to provide a wide range of air rescue and other emergency services. In addition to providing Medivac and Search and Rescue assistance, we also assist with fire control.

Southern Lakkes Helicopters fight a scrub fire in Southland.

Our skilled pilots can operate fire fighting equipment, including up to 1100 litre monsoon buckets with foam units. Southern Lakes Helicopter's fire fighting role includes attending both large scale fires on rural or department of Conservation land.


Other Emergency Services

As the only approved SAR and Medivac operator in Fiordland, we are always on standby for any civil defence emergency. Our experienced and skilled pilots are able to operate a variety of specialist equipment to assist in an emergency situation.

These include:

  • Locator Beacon Tracking
  • Winch operations
  • Night Vision Technology
  • Long line offshore operations