Commercial operations

Our heavy-lift B3 Squirrel helicopters can lift loads of up to 1235kgs

Southern Lakes Helicopters specialise in all types of commercial and industrial work. Our skilled pilots are able to work with you to complete your commercial project large or small. We have experience of a wide range of technical operations including aerial surveying, marine transport, avalanche bombing, fire fighting, photography and filming, construction and conservation assignments.

Much of our fleet uses heavy lift capable B3 Squirrel helicopters and we can also position a forward base accordingly. Our crew and transportable fuel tankers make anywhere a flight base for your project.

Very safe. Very experienced.

With safety always our priority, our aircraft and equipment is modern and well maintained. Our pilots are experienced at flying in remote and challenging environments. We have Satellite Phones and reliable radio communication systems for remote operations. With our wide range of expertise, Richard Hayes at the company core and dedication to customer satisfaction we are proud to be the contractor of choice for both local businesses and large national organisations.

Our commercial and industrial work includes:

We are able to supply a wide range of equipment required for commercial and industrial operations.

Precision flying is all part of the service. Here we combine lift capability to locate a remote hut.

Our equipment includes (but is not limited to):

  • Scoop net
  • Cargo pods
  • First aid kits
  • Concrete buckets
  • Night vision goggles
  • Night sun
  • Breeze eastern winch
  • Foam dispensing unit
  • Endurance fuel systems
  • Remote controlled gravel buckets
  • Collapsable fire buckets for monsoon work
  • Human sling equipment and stretcher
  • Emersion suits and offshore equipment
  • Long lines and strops with remote hook release