Helicopter wilderness fishing in Fiordland

Perfect location

Anglers look enviously on Fiordland as a must on their bucket list of fishing highlights. With its spectacular scenery and majestic mountains, a day's fishing here is more a nowtime than a pastime. With no predators to speak of, the trout in Fiordland's rivers are generally bigger than elsewhere, and with the pressure of fishing low the surroundings provide you with the ultimate in backcountry heli-fishing.

Transport to your big fish-on day

But you need to get there... that's where Southern Lakes Helicopters comes in. We know the region like the back of our hands and that means we can promise you a perfect day's helicopter fishing. Even if we can't promise a catch, we're pretty confident you will still have more than enough amazing Fiordland fishing tails to tell.

Talk to us today and let us help you plan a helicopter fishing experience in Fiordland, New Zealand, that you will never forget.

Just imagine dropping in to fish this gem of a mountain river!